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Extrats from the Preparatory Document    
Intervention of Card. Lubomyr HUSAR, Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč (UKRAINE), “IN SCRIPTIS”
I intend to intervene on two topics that, among numerous others, are present in the Instrumentum laboris and that constitute elements that require  
Prayerful, Practical Support on Synod sidelines
Among the many events organised on the sidelines of the Synod on the Middle East this past week was a meeting of the so-called ‘Coordination of  
Gregory Nazianzus: born in Cappadocia
We present Saint Gregory Nazianzus , one of the four great Greek doctors of the
Universal Church known as the theologian or the Divine , and the
Intervention of Mons. Joseph ABSI, Titular Archbishop of Tarsus of the Greek-Melkites, Auxiliary Bishop and Protosyncellus of Damascus of the Greek-Melkites (SYRIA)
Since the creation of the Episcopal Conferences of the Middle Eastern countries and the creation of the Council of the Catholic Patriarchs of the  
Intervention of Mons. Mikaël MOURADIAN, Patriarchal Vicar for the Patriarchal Clergy Institute of Bzommar (LEBANON)
It is true that the Middle East is the Holy Land and the land of saints, this has been demonstrated by the canonizations and beatifications that have  
Intervention of Mons. Giacinto-Boulos MARCUZZO, Patriarcal Vicar of Jerusalem of the Latins for Israel (ISRAEL)
Mons. Giacinto-Boulos MARCUZZO, Titular Bishop of Emmaus, Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem of the Latins, Patriarcal Vicar of Jerusalem of the Latins  
Intervention of Rev. Sister Karima TAMER HENDY AWAD, R.B.P., Provincial Superior, Religious of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (EGYPT), auditor
The Church in the Middle East is more concerned than others in the conservation of its main vocation which consists in the development of holy  
Intervention of Mrs. Rita MOUSSALLEM, Member of the Focolari Movement (Works of Mary) (LEBA¬NON), auditor
The Work of Mary or the Focolare Movement has been present in the Middle East since 1967. It is rooted in the local culture, in close communion with  
Intervention of Rev. F. Boulos TANNOURI, Superior General of the Antonine Maronite Order (LEBANON)
The socio-political situation in the Middle East is not going to get any better. As a result, emigration will remain the easiest choice to get away  
Intervention of Mons. Camillo BALLIN, Titular Bishop of Arna, Apostolic Vicar of Kuwait (KUWAIT)
In the Muslim tradition, the Gulf is the land sacred to the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed, and no other religion should exist there. How can we live  
Intervention of Mons. Rabban AL-QAS, Bishop Amadiyah of the Chaldeans (IRAQ)
The ancient and glorious Assyrian-Chaldean Church was, in the early centuries and until the establishment of the Islamic Ummah, a great evangelizer.  
Intervention of H. B. Ignace Youssif III YOUNAN, Patriarch of Antioch of the Syrians (LEBANON)
The word “Truth” in Arabic “haqq” means also “Law” (what is a duty). Is this not a significant coincidence that there is a very close amalgam between  
Basil the Great: Bishop of Caesarea
We bring you a sound portrait of Saint Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea and Confessor and Doctor of the Church. The grandson of a martyr he was  
Intervention of Mons. Bohdan DZYURAKH, Titular Bishop of Vagada, Curia Bishop of Kyiv-Halyč (UKRAINE)
I wish to draw attention to a particular aspect of the vocational pastoral, that is, that of the formation of the spiritual directors called on to  
Intervention of Mons. Antoine AUDO, Bishop of Alep of the Chaldeans (SYRIA)
Special care in the spiritual and intellectual formation of future priests
I Formation
Despite the decrease in the number of vocations, test the
Intervention of H. B. Nerses Bedros XIX TARMOUNI, Patriarch of Cilicia of the Armenians, Archbishop of Beirut of the Armenians (LEBANON)
The Word of God that was chosen as the theme for this Synod Assembly: “Now the company of those who believed were of one heart and soul” (Acts 4:  
Intervention of Rev. F. David NEUHAUS, Vicar of the Patriarch of Jerusalem of the Latins for the pastoral care of the Hebrew-speaking Catholics (JERUSALEM)
Hebrew is also a language of the Catholic Church in the Middle East. Hundreds of Israeli Catholics conduct all aspects of their life in Hebrew,  
Intervention of Card. Stanisław RYŁKO, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity (VATICAN CITY)
The greatest challenge facing the Church today is the formation of a laity that is mature in faith, and aware of their vocation and mission in the  
Intervention of Mons. Giorgio BERTIN, Bishop of Djibouti (DJIBOUTI)
The “goods to share” I wish to refer to in order to reinforce our witness of the Gospel and announce it to the Muslims are ‘priests”. There  
Intervention of Mons. Vincent LANDEL, S.C.I. di Béth., Archbishop of Rabat (MOROCCO)
To begin from the experience of Morocco (25,000 Catholics of 90 nationalities in a population of 33 million Moslems); the Christians are all from  
Intervention of Mons. Georges BACOUNI, Archbishop of Tyr of the Greek-Melkites (LEBANON)
It is true that parents are the first catechists of the faithful, with the help of schools and parishes. But in the wake of Vatican II a new  
Intervention of Mons. Salim SAYEGH, Patriarcal Vicar of Jerusalem of the Latins for Jordan (JERUSALEM)
Among the problems facing the Church in the Middle East, we have to mention that of the sects, which causes great doctrinal confusion. Our era is  
Intervention of Mons. Shlemon WARDUNI, Titular Bishop of Anbar of the Chaldeans, Curia Bishop of Babylon of the Chaldeans (IRAQ)
We thank His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI who invited us to this meeting and who is working with us and accompanying us to achieve positive and  
Intervention of Mons. Youhannes ZAKARIA, Bishop of Luxor, Thebes of the Copts (EGYPT)
My intervention concentrates on the renewal of the missionary activity of the Eastern Churches, since the Instrumentum laboris did not deal with this  
Intervention of Mons. Botros FAHIM AWAD HANNA, Titular Bishop of Mareotes, Curia Bishop of Alexandria of the Copts (EGYPT)
Through a particular choice of God, Sacred Scripture was born in our land of the East, bringing with it the characteristics of our culture; through a  
Report of Mons. Raymundo DAMASCENO ASSIS, President of Latin American Episcopal Council (C.E.L.AM.), for Latin America
In the first place, I would like to thank the Holy Father Benedict XVI for my nomination as a participant, in my role as President of the Latin  
Report of Mons. Orlando B. QUEVEDO, Secretary General of the "Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences" (F.A.B.C.), for Asia
On behalf of the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences, I express our deep gratitude to you for inviting me to represent the Federation of Asian  
Pope urges simple faith of true wisdom as he opens Synod for Middle East
The two week assembly of the synod of bishops for the Middle East opened Monday morning with an unscripted address from Pope Benedict XVI. “The  
Middle East synod focus is pastoral not political, says Pope
Pope Benedict XVI says the reason for the special assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the Middle East, which opened Sunday, is pastoral and not  
Synod Expectations
In the Vatican press office this morning, the secretary general of the synod of bishops, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic presented details of the upcoming  
Spotlight on Gulf States
Participants in the Synod of Bishops on the Middle East have begun arriving here in Rome for the two week gathering that will focus on the key  

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