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Extrats from the Preparatory Document and from the Pope's Speeches    
Intervention of Mons. Mounged EL-HACHEM, Titular Archbishop of Darn, Apostolic Nuncio (LEBANON), “IN SCRIPTIS”
The Koran contains verses which prescribe tolerance, especially with regard to Christians. The first Caliphs and provincial leaders appealed to  
Intervention of Mons. Flavien Joseph MELKI, Titular Bishop of Dara of the Syrians, Curia Bishop of Antioch of the Syrians (LEBANON), “IN SCRIPTIS”
Paragraph 25 of the Instrumentum laboris calls on the Middle Eastern Christians to put everything into practice, together with the moderate and  
Intervention of Mons. Raboula Antoine BEYLOUNI, Titular Archbishop of Mardin of the Syrians, Curia Bishop of Antioch of the Syrians (LEBANON), “IN SCRIPTIS”
For several years in Lebanon we have had a national committee for Islamic-Christian dialogue. There was also an episcopal commission from the  
Moving Beyond the Myths in Interfaith Relations
Attentive listening to the hopes and concerns of other Christians and people of other faiths in the Middle East is one of the most important features  
Intervention of Mons. Joseph KALLAS, Archbishop of Beirut and Jbeil of the Greek-Melkites (LEBANON)
The Christians of the Middle East have had a different fate from all other Christians in the world: never having had their own state, but belonging  
Intervention of H. Exc. Armash NALBANDIAN, Bishop of Damascus, Primate (SYRIA)
1. Emigration.
We, the Christian churches, are suffering from a big problem concerning the emigration of our faithful believers. That is not because
Intervention of H. Em. Mar Gregoios Yohanna IBRAHIM, Metropolitan of Alep (SYRIA)
First of all His Eminence Gregorios presented the greetings from His Beatitude the Patriarch to His Holiness Benedict XVI, and expressed his wish  
Intervention of Prof. Marco IMPAGLIAZZO, President of the Community of Sant'Egidio (ITALY), auditor
Prof. Marco IMPAGLIAZZO, Professor of Contemporary History at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, President of the Community of Sant'Egidio  
Intervention of Mons. Cyrille Salim BUSTROS, Archbishop of Newton of the Greek-Melkites (USA)
Muslims repeat to those who wish to listen: “ Islam is the religion of tolerance”. And they base this slogan on the famous phrase from the Koran:  
At 6:30 p.m. the President Delegate, H.B. Ignace Youssef III YOUNAN, gave the floor to Special Guest, Mr. Muhammad AL-SAMMAK, Political councilor for  
At 6:30 p.m. the President Delegate, H.B. Ignace Youssef III YOUNAN, gave the floor to Special Guest, Mr. Muhammad AL-SAMMAK, Political councilor for  
Muslim representatives address Synod
On Thursday afternoon two Muslim representatives addressed the Synod of Bishops outlining their vision of greater respect and understanding between  
A welcome guest
One thing that has been made very clear ever since its presentation, is that the ongoing Special Assembly for the Middle East for the Synod of  
Intervention of Mr. Harés CHÉHAB, Secretary General of the National Committee for Islamic-Christian Dialogue (LEBANON), auditor
It is paradoxical to see that these Christians, which are a constituting part of this East, long before Islam, are presently facing a deadly dilemma,  
Intervention of Mons. Pierre BÜRCHER, Bishop of Reykjavïk (ICELAND)
The Bishops of the Northern Episcopal Conference (NEC), together with their Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, are aware that in addition to the  
Intervention of Mons. Paul Youssef MATAR, Archbishop of Beirut of the Maronites (LEBANON)
In reference, in the Instrumentum laboris, to the challenges that face Eastern Christians and their relationships with Muslims, and to open up the  
Intervention of Mons. Samir NASSAR, Archbishop of Damascus of the Maronites (SYRIA)
The Churches of the East have coexisted with Islam for fourteen centuries despite difficulties and challenges, with ups and downs, often bound up  
Intervention of Mons. Louis SAKO, Archbishop of Kerkuk of the Chaldeans, Patriarchal Administrator of Sulaimaniya of the Chaldeans (IRAQ)
Liturgical reformation based upon sacred scripture, but also the patristics and pastoral demands of today. Otherwise our faithful will go looking for  

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