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Legal Conditions

Vatican Radio is the radio station of the Holy See and is an instrument of communication and evangelization at the service of the Petrine Ministry. Vatican Radio enjoys legal status and has its legal headquarters in Vatican City State.

Property and Copyright

The regulations contained in this section regarding property and copyright must be observed. The contents of the website (texts, images, sound, graphics, audio and video material, hallmarks, logos, etc.) are the property of Vatican Radio and/or of third parties. Audio material published on the website may be downloaded for personal use only.

Any downloading, copying, divulgation, transmission, or placing the contents of the website at the disposal of the public by other radio stations and/or professional operators in the field of communication, must be expressly authorized by Vatican Radio, who will then establish the relative conditions of use. Authorization requests should be sent to the International Relations Department relint@vatiradio.va.

Reproduction of the hallmark and/or the logo of Vatican Radio is forbidden unless express authorization has been given by the same. The name “Vatican Radio” (in the diverse linguistic variations used on this website) cannot be utilized as an Internet address for other sites or as a part of other addresses.

Vatican Radio does not assume responsibility for the content and/or services offered by other websites with which it currently features contact links.


Any personal information obtained by Vatican Radio in relation to services available on the website will be used exclusively by Vatican Radio in order to guarantee the services offered and/or requested.


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