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Catholic Organisation started by a Member of the Sisters of Our Lady of Africa is responding to the Factors that enslave African Women and Girls.

Empowering marginalised groups in society is one of the priorities of the Catholic Church. Marginalized groups are people who suffer various forms of discrimination, displacement and poverty either because of their beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or social class. A catholic organisation known as Solidarity with Women In Distress is working to empower women and girls in some parts of Africa by providing them with education, skills and by conscientising them about their situation in society and what to do about it. It was started in the archdiocese of Mombasa, Kenya, in 1985 by Sister Lea Ackermann, a member of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa also known as the White Sisters. With time it spread to other parts of Kenya, to Rwanda and to Germany. Its main purpose was to respond to factors that enslave women and girls. At the background of it all was lack of opportunities that drove many of them into poverty and overdependence. Some ended up in prostitution and others fell into the hands of criminals who trafficked them to other countries with the promises of good jobs. Once abroad, they found that the jobs they had been promised were not there and were constrained to become prostitutes or to get involved in other criminal activities such as drug trafficking. Sr. Lea Ackermann lived in Kenya for more than 20 years before she returned to her native country, Germany, where she now lives. But she is in touch with Solidarity with Women in Distress in Kenya and Rwanda and visits the two countries every year. On line from Germany she explained to John Baptist Tumusiime how the idea of starting the organisation came about, and more. RealAudioMP3


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