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Retired Alleppy Bishop Peter Michael Chenaparambil passes away

19 April, 2013 - Retired Bishop Peter Michael Chenaparambil of Allepey in southern India’s Kerala state passed away following a cardiac arrest Thursday morning while undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Kochi. The 83-year old bishop had been in hospital since Sunday due to age-related ailments. Bishop Chenaparambil was first appointed coadjutor bishop of Allepey on September 4, 1983, and became its bishop on 28 Apr the following year. He particularly endeared himself to the people for his social service initiatives aimed at improving their lives. With the help of national catholic agencies, Bishop Chenaparambil had implemented a rainwater-harvesting project in the diocesan area, where people faced problems because of shortage of drinking water. He also popularized solar-powered hearths for cooking. Bishop Stephan Athipozhyil of Allepey who took over after Bishop Chenaparambil’s retirement on December 9, 2001, was scheduled to lead the funeral services at the Mount Carmel Cathedral of Alappuzha (Allepey) Friday evening.


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