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Conquer the world with good example: Pope

(April 25, 2013) A Christian must be humble and not fear to do great things, Pope Francis said during Mass on Thursday in the chapel of St. Martha’s Residence on the Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist. Commenting on the day’s Gospel of St. Mark that speaks of the Ascension of Jesus, the Pope said that Christ before ascending into Heaven, told his Apostles to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This is the mission of the Church, said Pope Francis , and, as you can see, the Church goes on with this mission preaching to all throughout the world. But it does not go alone, it goes with Jesus. The Apostles went far and wide spreading the Word of God and the Lord was with them. The Lord always accompanies those preaching the Gospel. This is the generosity of spirit that a Christian must have and cultivate more and more. Then referring to the first letter of St. Peter, the Pope said a Christian must adopt a style of humility, and fraternal love when preaching the Gospel. He must not be like soldier making a complete sweep of the battlefield. A Christian must proclaim the Gospel with his testimony rather than with words , said Pope Francis.


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