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UN chief’s message for World Press Freedom Day

03 May, 2013 - World Press Freedom Day was marked on Friday with the United Nations chief urging all to enable journalists in all media to do their jobs, saying ‘When It Is Safe To Speak, the Whole World Benefits.’ The UN marks World Press Freedom Day on May 3, and this year’s theme, “Safe to Speak: Securing Freedom of Expression in All Media”, highlights the need for action to upholding the right of journalists to carry out their vital work. In a message for the day, UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon recalled that freedom of expression, a fundamental human right, is a cornerstone of good governance, sustainable development, and lasting peace and security. Yet, he noted, every day around the world, journalists and media workers are under attack, face intimidation, threats and violence from governments, corporations, criminals or other forces that wish to silence or censor. From traditional media platforms such as radio, print and television, to newer and more and more popular social media, blogs and citizen-led reporting, journalists are increasingly at risk. Over the past decade, Ban said, “more than 600 journalists have been killed – at least 120 in the past year alone. Hundreds more have been detained.” The dangers are not only physical: from cyber-attacks to bullying, the powerful are deploying numerous tools to try to stop the media from shedding light on misrule and misdeeds. These are individual tragedies; collectively, they are an assault on the right of all people to the truth, Ban said, expressing alarm that many of the perpetrators escape any form of punishment. (Source: UN)


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