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Canadian Church: Conference on New Evangelization and Catholic Communications

(Vatican Radio) What are the best social media strategies and what is the role of Church communicators within the context of our pluralistic and highly secularized society? These are just some of the many topics being discussed at a 3-day national conference on New Evangelization and Catholic Communications in Montreal sponsored by the Canadian Catholic Bishops Conference. One of the main organizers of the conference is Joseph Sinasac, President of the Association of Roman Catholic Communicators of Canada who spoke to Susy Hodges

Listen to the extended interview with Joseph Sinasac: RealAudioMP3

A leading Catholic journalist and editor in Canada, Sinasac says the Montreal Conference seeks “to create a dialogue between Catholic Bishops who have been studying the New Evangelization… and the needs on the ground, particularly for Catholic Communicators.”

Asked about the greatest challenges facing the Church and Catholic Communicators, Sinasac says we need “to be cognizant of the strength and weaknesses of the new social media” and also be aware that “we are one voice among many” in today’s "very pluralistic and highly secularized world.” He says the Church’s voice is “being increasingly challenged by other voices that are not necessarily open to respectful dialogue” in a society where “large segments are actually hostile to organized religion.”

Despite these daunting challenges, Sinasac says Christians must not lose heart and should not evangelize “in a defensive way.” “We have to be confident in who we are as Christians,” he says.


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