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Terrorists attack Catholic Worshippers in Arusha, Tanzania

Police in Tanzania said on Monday that two people were killed and 60 others sustained injured when a bomb was thrown in the midst of worshippers during a Catholic church ceremony in Arusha on Sunday. Eye witnesses said the bomb was thrown by two people on a motorcycle. The faithful had gathered at Olasiti parish to witness the official opening of a new church. In addition to hundreds of the faithful, present also were the Archbishop of Arusha, His Grace Josephat Lebulu and the Apostolic Nuncio to Tanzania, archbishop Francisco Padilla who was presiding over the opening ceremony. Police said the motorcycle rider and six Saudi Arabian nationals had been arrested in connection with the attack. In recent weeks there have been attacks against Christians on the Island of Zanzibar and in some parts of Tanzania mainland by Islamic radicals who promised, in leaflets in January this year, that they would make more attacks particularly targeting Christian Church leaders. Archbishop Padilla managed to escape unhurt. Vatican Radio got in touch with him after the attack, and this what he told us. RealAudioMP3


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