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Build bridges, don’t condemn, Pope tells Christians

(May 08, 2013) Evangelization is not proselytizing and Christians who want to proclaim the Gospel must dialogue with everyone, knowing that no one owns the truth, because the truth comes only by an encounter with Jesus. Pope Francis made the remarks in his homily during Wednesday’s morning Mass at Santa Marta Residence in the Vatican, where he lives. The Mass was attended by a group of Vatican employees.. Christians today, said the Pope must be like Paul, who at the Aeropagus of Athens
announced the Gospel without condemning anyone. Paul’s courageous attitude and words touched the hearts of those who listened and brought him nearer to them to begin a dialogue. Thus, Paul - the Apostle of the Gentiles was really “ a bridge builder” not a builder of walls.
This leads us ponder on the attitude that a Christian must always have. A Christian, continued the Pope, must proclaim Jesus Christ in a way that He is accepted, well received and not refused. He said Paul was aware that he had to sow the gospel message and it would not be an easy job. But he had to do everything possible.
The proclamation of Jesus Christ and of the truth depends on the Holy Spirit, said Pope Francis. Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel “When He comes - the Spirit of the Truth , He will guide you to the whole truth”. Sedoc:


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