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Catholics, Hindus to celebrate Mother’s Day together

(May 08, 2013) In Nepal, Catholics and Hindus will celebrate Mother's Day together on Thursday (May 9) . Earlier, Catholic children, accompanied by their parents, began a spiritual journey to prepare for this special day. Fr. Robin Rai, of the Nepali Church, addressed the faithful saying that "mothers and fathers should guide their children to love Mary and their parents." Meanwhile, on the same day, members of the Hindu community will gather in the family to present gifts to their mothers. 8-year-old Merina holding a candle in her hands, kneels in front of the statue of Mother Mary. Many other children imitate her before the celebration of mass begins in the local church. "During this month, we go to church an hour before Mass begins and we pray together to the Holy Virgin - Merina told AsiaNews She said mothers symbolize creation and are very important for all of them.
In Nepal, there are frequent cases of marriages between Catholics and Hindus. Often the members of both communities take part in the same ceremonies. In the country, the two religious groups have been able to develop a peaceful and serene dialogue. The joint celebration of May 9 is living proof of that.


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