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Swiss Christian Churches against tightening of asylum law

(May 08, 2013) The Catholic Church and other Christian denominations in Switzerland are calling for a “No” vote in an upcoming referendum that seeks to overturn a recent controversial tightening of the asylum law. Wolfgang Burgstein who works for the Justice and Peace Commission of the Swiss Catholic Bishops Conference explained why they are opposed to this new legislation. He said that Christian Churches in Switzerland “are standing together” on this issue and are particularly concerned about one of the law’s provisions that abolished “the possibility of making an asylum application at a Swiss Embassy abroad.” He said this particular provision will have a particularly dramatic impact on Eritrean refugees who form the majority of asylum seekers in Switzerland.
The other measures in the new legislation include the creation of special centres for “unruly” asylum seekers and refusing to accept asylum requests by conscientious objectors. Asked whether he believes that the campaign for a “No” vote in next month’s referendum will be successful in overturning the new legislation, Burgstein said he was not very optimistic. He said however that the important thing is that the Churches are standing together on this issue.”


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