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Elections give people an opportunity for peace and change: Pakistani Bishop

Islamabad, 09 May 2013: People are looking for an opportunity to "change" and put an end to a "culture of corruption, intolerance, irresponsibility and terrorism," said Bishop Rufin Anthony of Islamabad-Rawalpindi diocese, as he talked about the upcoming general elections in Pakistan. This Saturday in fact, voters will pick a new parliament and the new government will be confronted with the country's economic crisis and Islamist violence.

Speaking to AsiaNews, Bishop Anthony said that ordinary Pakistanis want "peace and respect". For this reason, "we are praying for peace in Pakistan," adding, "we are hopeful that the new government will be able to address in a decisive manner the problems facing minorities."

The hopes of the capital's bishop are shared by Catholics and Protestants alike as well as other religious minorities, not to mention many Muslims. However, they contrast with daily reports about extremist activities, a trend confirmed by a recent survey that suggested that more than half of young Pakistanis think that Sharia, or Islamic law based on the principles of the Qur'an, "is better than democracy."

The country's economic crisis, its future development, the shortcomings of its educational system and energy sector top the list of issues in this campaign. Against this backdrop, some groups are urging voters to come out in great numbers to cast their ballot, whilst others are calling for a boycott.

For Pakistani Christians, who have often been the victims of persecution and abuse, minority protection remains a priority.

Pervaiz Rafique, a Catholic leader in the ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP), defends the government's record and popularity for what it has done in favour of rights protection and against the country's talibanisation.

However, for Fr Anwar Patras, a Rawalpindi-based priest, more should be done "to solve the problems of minorities". More Christian candidates should also be present in order to achieve "real change".Source: AsiaNews


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