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Cleveland kidnapper might be charged with murder

(Vatican Radio) The prosecuting attorney says the U.S. man accused of holding three women captive for a decade in Cleveland, Ohio could face the death penalty, since Ariel Castro might face aggravated murder charges for the miscarriages he allegedly caused. He's said to have starved and beaten the women to stop them from giving birth. Castro appeared in court earlier this week to face charges of kidnapping and raping three women he allegedly held captive for more than a decade in Cleveland, Ohio. He is said to have been co-operating with police since his arrest.
The Bishop of Cleveland, Richard Lennon, spoke briefly about the rescue of three women, whom the Cleveland community has long remembered with prayer vigils and other activities through the past decade.
“We rejoice in their new freedom and we thank God that they are now amongst us again,” Bishop Lennon said. “I invite all of us to join in a prayer of thanksgiving and support for those young women.”
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