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Pope to visit Italy’s Sardinia island

Sedoc - Pope Francis on Wednesday announced he would visit the Italian island of Sardinia, probably in September.” Addressing a group of Sardinian pilgrims and bishops present at his weekly general audience the Pope said he will pray at the sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria in the regional capital, Cagliari.
In announcing his visit, for which a date has not been announced, the Argentine Pope explained the ‘brotherhood’ or link that exists between Cagliari and his native city, Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is named after the Madonna of Our Lady of “good air” in Italian, to whom Pedro de Mendoza, the founder of Buenos Aires had a special devotion. Pope Francis explained that the founders of the Argentine capital had wished to name it the city of the Holy Spirit. But the sailors, who had brought the founder there, were Sardinians and wanted it to be named the city of the Madonna of Buonaria.There was a dispute between them and in the end they negotiated and the name of the city resulted in the long name : the Ciudad de la Santisima Trinadad y Puerto de Santa Maris del Buen Aire ( or the city of the Holy Trinity and Port of Holy Mary of Buen Aire). The long name was cut short with the last two words remaining – Buon Aria or Buenos Aires, the Pope said. And the credit goes to your Madonna, the Pope told the Sardinians..


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