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Egypt, more attacks on Coptic Orthodox community, two churches set on fire

20 May, 2013 - The Egyptian Coptic community continues to face violence at the hands of Islamists, with two attacks on churches in a fortnight. Over 20 thousand Muslims attacked the church of St. Mary in Alexandria on Friday, setting fire to the entrance of the building and shattering windows. A man died of a heart attack in the attack. In response to the violence, hundreds of Copts left their homes to create a human wall around the building. A similar incident occurred on May 13, in the village of Menbal, Matay district, north of the province of Minya, where a Muslim mob stormed the church called the Tadros el-Mashreki and assaulted a person inside. The assailants threw stones at the building, looted Christian shops nearby and burned cars. The Coptic minority has been threatened with expulsion from the village. (Source: AsiaNews)


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