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Visit of Pope Tawadros II to Pope Francis will strenghten realtions between the Catholic Church and the Coptic-Orthodox Church, says Egyptian Bishop

The Coptic-Catholic Bishop of Assiut in Egypt, Kyrillos William Samaan, has expressed gratitude to the Coptic Orthodox Pope, Tawadros II, for meeting Pope Francis this month in Rome. He said the meeting strengthened the relationship between the catholic Church and the Coptic orthodox Church. He noted that from the very beginning Pope Tawadros II wanted to come closer to the other Churches and to strengthen the ecumenical dialogue. The ecumenical dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church in Egypt is also driven forward by the common problems the two churches face. They are often victims of Islamic fundamentalism and because of this, they feel the necessity to work together so that they speak with one voice. Bishop Kyrillos said this cooperation has led to the formation of the Council of the churches of Egypt which brings together all the Christian churches in the country.


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