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Forced Migration: An Australian perspective

(Vatican Radio) The Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People is continuing its Plenary Assembly in the Vatican. It is looking at how the Church can increase its pastoral assistance to the victims of forced migration.

Many of these people have to leave their homes because of conflict or persecution.

Attending the conference is Fr Maurizio Pettenà, Director of the Australian Catholic and Migrant Office.

He spoke to us about the Church’s role in helping those fleeing to Austalia.

“Quite unique to Australia, detention might become indefinite, it is certainly mandatory. Now the Catholic Church is very much on the front of this by working together when possible with the local government…”

The Plenary Assembly concludes on Friday 24th May. Listen to Lydia O’Kane’s interview with Fr Maurizio Pettenà RealAudioMP3


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