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Persecution of Christians continues in the Central African Republic

Reports from the Central African Republic continue to indicate that sections of Seleka rebels who captured power in March this year are looting and destroying houses of local Christians, churches and mission stations. Seleka means union in the Sango Language, and hence the rebel movement is a coalition of many armed groups that had been fighting the government of former president, Francois Bozize. Some of the groups are made up of Islamic militant volunteers from neighbouring Sudan and Chad. They are the ones who are attacking Christians and killing them and destroying churches. Local sources said a formation House of the Holy Ghost Fathers in the capital Bangui was attacked and looted. The Chancellor of the archdiocese of Bangui, Fr. Dieu-Béni Banga, and the Rector of the Cathedral, Fr. Francis Siki, were abducted by the rebels on April 27th. The Bishop of the diocese of Kaga Bandoro, the Rt. Rev. Albert Vanbuel, issued a statement recently saying the Islamic section of the rebels was targeting Catholic and Protestant churches. He noted that throughout the country the Catholic Church has paid dearly, with many of its buildings damaged. Reports from the country say many Christians have fled their homes in towns and have taken refuge in the countryside, to escape the attacks. Documents seen by eyewitnesses show that the Islamic wing of the rebels is planning to impose the Moslem Law called Sharia no the country, as the first step of setting up an Islamic republic. The Archbishop of Bangui, Dieudonné Nzapalainga, has appealed to the faithful to persevere in these difficult moments assuring them that Christ would not abandon them. He asked them to bear true witness to Christ, who defeated fear, hatred, violence and death.


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