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The Pilgrimage to the Uganda Martyrs shrine at Namugongo begins

Reports from Uganda say hundreds of people have set off for a pilgrimage on foot to the Uganda martyrs’ shrine at Namugongo in preparation for the celebration of the feast of the Uganda Martyrs on June 3rd. A group from the diocese of Kabale in Western Uganda started the 420 Km journey this week. A group of more than 100 pilgrims from Rwanda has crossed into Uganda and has been followed by a group from the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. All of them are accompanied by priests and catechists. The coordinator of the group from the diocese of Kabale, Fr. Bruno Byomuhangi, told reporters that the pilgrimage is a reminder to him and his group of the passion of Jesus Christ and will help them to renew their faith in God. A female pilgrim known as Bibiana Ayebare said this was the third time she was making the pilgrimage on foot. The Uganda Martyrs were killed in 1886 by a local king known as Mwanga, and were canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964. This year the Uganda Catholic Bishops Conference chose the archdiocese of Mbarara to lead the country in the celebrations. It chose the theme: I do not call you servants but friends.


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