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Hundreds of Villagers forced out of their plots of land in Northern Tanzania by Mining Companies lisensed by the Government

Reports from Tanzania say from 2007 to 2013, hundreds of villagers have been forced out of their plots of land by mining companies in the north of the country. The companies include Anglo-gold Ashanti, whose headquarters are in South Africa, and Geita Gold Mine. Company officials told reporters last week that they had received licenses from the government of Tanzania to mine and that the villagers who were pushed out had been occupying Special Mining Licensed areas. According to Tanzania’s 1999 Land Act, people who have been displaced from their land for development purposes must be compensated, but most of the displaced villagers in north Tanzania have not received any compensation. One of them said he and several others were attacked in their village in 2007 by Tanzanian police, beaten up and arrested and then damped in the open, near Geita town, where they constructed makeshift tents. An elderly man who lives in a small tent with his wife said when it rains, the roof leaks, but he doesn’t have the money to fix it. The Anglo-gold Ashanti company told reporters this week that it is the government of Tanzania which has the responsibility to compensate and to resettle the displaced people.


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