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Lebanese Archbishop says conflict in Syria likely to upset stability in Lebanon

The Melkite Archbishop of Zahlé in Lebanon, John Issam Darwish, has called for a resumption of peace talks in Syria to end the civil war. Speaking on Thursday he said the situation in Syria was likely to spill over in Lebanon and upset stability. He noted that over one million Syrian refugees had crossed into Lebanon, and that the country was overwhelmed by the big number. He said the Church was doing what it can to help, but would need more assistance from people of good will to cater for the needs of the displaced Syrians. He welcomed the proposed international Conference on Syria which may take place in July in Geneva, saying it would be an excellent opportunity to put forward a new road map for peace. The first road map by the United Nations failed because members of the UN security Council undermined it. The second was an initiative of the Arab League, but that too failed because the Arab League had taken positions in favour of the Syrian rebels who are fighting to overthrow the government of President Bashaar Assad.


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