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Pope Francis invites Catholics to learn from the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pope Francis has invited Catholics to learn from the Blessed Virgin Mary who accepted to cooperate with God in the salvation of mankind and who kept the word of God in her heart. The holy Father made the invitation on Saturday morning in his homily during holy mass to mark the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Pope developed his homily around the theme of keeping the word of God. Quoting from the gospel of the day which recounted the astonishment of the teachers in the Temple who were listening to Jesus, and Mary’s keeping the Word of God safe in her heart, he said the most joyous moment in life is when the word of God is sown, like a seed, in our hearts and when we allow it to grow and touch our lives. He observed that keeping the word of God means constantly meditating on what this Word says to us and what happens in our life. And this is what the Blessed Virgin Mary did, he said. She reflected and questioned the meaning of this word to her. At the of his homily, the Pope invited the faithful to think about how to keep the Word of God in their hearts so that it is not eaten up by the birds and suffocated by our human vices. The Saturday morning Mass was attended by members of staff of Caritas Internationalis.


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