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Niger installs first national as bishop of Niamey

Niger – First Nigerien bishop
Catholics witnessed the installation of a national of Niger as the first local bishop of Niamey. Catholic news agence, FIDES repoted that Msg. Djalwana Laurent Lompo took possession of the See of Niamey as Auxilliary bishop in a ceremony on Sunday, 9 June, presided over by the Archbishop of Niamey, Msg. Michel Cartatéguy. It was a colourful liturgy that had attracted the faithful, priests and religious and bishops from neibouring countries. The occasion was noteworthy in Niger, a country where the catholic population is made up of mainly immigrants from the nearby countries. Out of approximately 19 million people only about 25 000 are Catholics. And of these only 5000 are locals from Niger. Two white doves were released, as a symbol of peace in a nation that is seriously challenged in peace initiatives.


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