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Polokwane diocese in South Africa has a new bishop

Polokwane diocese in South Africa has a new Bishop. Bishop elect Jeremiah Madimetja Masela is of the Polokwane clero and has since his appointment been administrator of the same diocese. This is according to a communique from the Vatican released on Monday, 10th June. Rev. Masela was born on 28th June 1958. He studied Philosophy in the St. peter’s Major seminary and Theology in the St. John Vianney Seminary. He was ordained a priest in 1984, after wich he took up a number of assignments including that of Vicar general of the diocese of Polokwane. Polokwane dicxoses was established in 1988 and has a total surface area of 69.533 kmsq. Out of a population of 2.658.000, 94.700 are catholics spread in 13 parishes that are served by 27 priests, 18 religious brothers, and 32 sisters. It also boasts of 8 permanent deacons and 6 major seminarians. The diocese has been vacant since 2011 following the resignation of bishop Mogale Paul Nkhumishe.


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