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Sudan occupies part of South Sudan

The government of South Sudan said on Monday that troops from Sudan had entered 10 km into its territory in Upper Nile State. Sudan’s Head of intelligence, Mohammed Atta, addressed a press conference in Khartoum on Monday and said the government was reacting to South Sudan’s support for rebels in the Darfur region. He alleged that South Sudan supplies the rebels with weapons, ammunition, petrol, spare parts for cars and food. Sudan's Minister for Information, Ahmed Belal Osman, said Sudan planned to close South Sudan’s oil pipelines within 60 days if the government in Juba did not stop supporting the rebels. South Sudan said on Monday that it would seek the arbitration of the African Union and the United Nations. South Sudan became independent in 2011 after 21 years of war with the government in Khartoum. The countries almost went to war last year after South Sudan halted the production of oil following a dispute over how much it should pay to use Sudan's territory to exports its oil. Oil is vital to the economies of both countries because it the main source of their revenues. Sudan is fighting rebels in three regions including Darfur. An umbrella rebel group called the Sudan Revolutionary Front recently launched attacks on several towns during which it inflicted heavy losses on the Sudanese Army.


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