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A new bishop appointed in Mozambique

The Diocese of Pemba in Mozambique has a new bishop. On Wednesday June 12, Pope Francis named Fr. Luiz Fernanado Lisboa, a missionary in Mozambique as bishop of the diocese which was erected in 1976 and is under the Archdiocese of Nampula. The bishop-elect, a member of the Passionist Congregation, was born in Margues de Valença near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 23 December 1955 and was ordained a priest on the 10 December 1983. The Diocese of Pemba has a population of 836, 000 people of whom over 578.000 are catholic. It has 20 parishes served by 21 priests, 13 religious brothers, 75 sisters and 8 seminarians. Pemba Diocese has been vacant since its former bishop Ernesto Maguengue retired on the 27 October 2012.


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