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Catholic Church in Bangladesh celebrates 50 years of Vatican Council II

(June 12, 2013) The Catholic Church in Bangladesh organised a meeting 4-7 June to celebrate fifty years since the opening of the Second Vatican Council, an event marking the Year of Faith. Six bishops, 40 priests and 73 lay people attended the meeting the theme of which was “The Second Vatican Council.”
During the three day meetings, the participants read again some of the documents of the Council and discussed how they helped the Catholic community in Bangladesh, which is a minority of just 0.3%. The country has a Muslim majority of about 89.5%.
Fr. Murmu William, chancellor of the Diocese of Rajshahi said “The documents that emerged from the Second Vatican Council have helped us to improve our individual communities and parishes, transforming them into more autonomous and independent communities. He added that even lay participation in the activities of the Church was crucial, and gave the example of Caritas, which is run by laypeople whose work is fundamental to society.
Source: Asianews


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