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Central African Republic rebels still in control of cabinet despite reshuffle

Rebels in central African Republic still control the cabinet despite the reshuffle. The rearrangement was requested by the international community to reduce the dominance of rebel leaders who seized power in a March coup. But analysts say that the shakeup has left the representatives of the SELEKA coalition in most of the top cabinet posts.

A decree by Interim President Michel Djotodia issued on Thursday showed that although SELEKA members hold fewer ministries, they do still have the mining, security, economy, trade and communications posts in the mineral-rich state. Rebel leader, Djotodia, kept the defence ministry post in the chronically unstable former French colony. The political opposition has about 10 ministries in the 34-member cabinet, including the finance and budget ministries. Supporters of toppled president Francois Bozize, who himself seized power in a 2003 coup, hold six ministries. The government issued an arrest warrant for Bozize on May 31, accusing him of crimes against humanity.


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