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Hundreds of children turned into beggars by teachers in Koranic Schools in Senegal

Local Human Rights Organisations in Senegal have called on government to take action against some local Moslem leaders who exploit children by sending them to beg on the streets of big urban areas. All the children in questions are students of the Koran in Islamic schools. One of them aged 12 years, told a reporter in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, that his Koran teacher sends him and others every-day to the city to beg, and each of them is expected to take not less than one dollar a day to the teacher, otherwise he whips them with an electrical cable. Some of the child beggars are as young as five years. An investigative reporters in Dakar said this week that some Koran teachers had built good houses from the money received from child beggars. In 2005 the government passed stricter laws against begging, including stronger sentences for mistreating children. But despite that there are still many child beggars sent to the streets by teachers of Koranic schools.


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