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Insecurity leads to shortages of food in the Central African Republic and Mali

Caritas Internationalis has warned that it has received information from its member organisations in the Central African Republic that hundreds of people could face serious shortages of food as a result of the instability reigning in the country. The government was overthrown in March this year by a coalition of rebels whose umbrella name is Seleka. However, since then a state of lawlessness has engulfed the country with the Islamic wing of the rebels intensifying attacks against Christian Churches and looting their property in addition to destroying and desecrating places of worship, and other rebel wings focusing on attacking the civilian population, killing the people and looting their property. The insecurity has displaced many people who now need emergency shelter, healthcare and food aid. Caritas said 200,000 people had been displaced, while tens of thousands have fled as refugees to Cameroon, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Caritas Internationalis is appealing for 700,000 Euros to help these people. It has already received a quarter of this money from the Catholic Relief Service of the United States, Cordaid in the Netherlands, Caritas Japan, Caritas Korea, Caritas Spain, Caritas Italy and Caritas Belgium.
In a related development Caritas Mali has warned that the insecurity in the country could spread to neighbouring countries if no measures are taken to establish peace. The situation in Mali remains unstable following the Islamic insurgency which began in 2012 and ended two months ago. The Islamic militants who had captured the north and declared independence were defeated in April this year by a combined Force of French and African troops, but their remnants continue to be a threat to peace. The conflict affected 2.8 million people, whose supply of food and services was disrupted. Caritas estimates that 450,000 children under the age of five are malnourished and 200,000 others are acutely malnourished. The country is preparing for the Presidential election scheduled for next month. Caritas calls upon the organisers to ensure that the poll is free, fair and transparent to avoid another conflict.


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