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Only a sound and people-centred Constitution will give us our daily bread, Zambia Episcopal Conference Secretary General, Fr. Cleophas Lungu

"Even though we cannot eat a Constitution, a good Constitution will ensure that there is food on our tables, medicine in our hospitals and that quality education is offered in our schools," . Fr. Cleophas Lungu, Secretary General of the Zambian Episcopal Conference, said this during a meeting this week of non-government organizations reviewing the progress toward a new constitution in Zambia. This way Fr. Lungu highlight the importance that the Catholic church attaches to the new Constitution making process, which he said must be done in the right way, in a sure way and in a legal way. He explained that this would be the best way to promote development as a step toward improved social services and bettering the lives of the country’s impoverished people.
He said a new constitution is a must for Zambia because it is seen as a tool for social, economic and political development of the Country. Fr. Lungu said he has, for these reasons welcomed the agreement reached by civil society organizations (with the collaboration of the Catholic Church) to outline the minimum standards for the new Constitution to be given to members of the technical committee reworking a draft of the document. He warned that there need to remain vigilant and alert, as past experiences have shown that we cannot entrust the whole process of constitutional revision in the hands of politicians. He said that bad things happen when good people remain silent.
Zambia has revised its Constitution four times since gaining independence from Britain in 1964 as successive governments have molded the Constitution to silence the opposition parties and entrench their stay in power. That current review, if approved, would lead to the country's fifth Constitution in Zambia’s half century of independence.


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