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Pope Francis tells French Senators and Parliamentarians, there mutual trust between the Catholic church and the public leaders of France

On Saturday morning, Pope Francis met with the members of the French senate and parliament, and in his address he reminded them of the trusting relationship that exists between the leaders of the Catholic churc and those of public life. He said it is heartening to note how much the French society is rediscovering the proposals made by the church, which among other things offer a certain vision of the person and his or her dignity, in the light of the common good.

The holy father ascertained, therefore, the fact that the Catholic church has a desire to the deeper question. Pope Francis said this desire demands a more complete vision of the person and their destiny,and that of society and its destiny. In conclusion, Pope Francis cautioned the elected officials to be attentive to the needs of the French people and ensure that the legislation they oversee reflects an indispensable quality that elevate and dignifies the human person.


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