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Rev. Fr. Xavier Munyongani is the new Bishop of Gweru Diocese in Zimbabwe

The holy Father has nominated Fr. Xavier Munyongani as the new Bishop of Gweru diocese in Zimbabwe. Bishop elect Munyongani is the current chaplain of the Zimbabwean Catholic community in London.
Born in 1950 at Mutero Mission, Mons. Xavier Munyongani was ordained to the priesthood in 1977 for the diocese of Gweru and later moved to the new diocese of Masvingo when it was created in 1999. He has held a number of posts within episcopal conference of Zimbabwe including that of Vice Rector of Zimbabwe’s Major seminary of Chshawasha.
The diocese of gweru fell Vacant in April 2012 following the resignation of Bishop Martin Munyanyi. Gweru has a population of 2.313.000 of whom 368.000 are Catholics soread in 32 parishes served by 54 priests and 216 religious men and women.


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