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Anglican leader says he and Pope discussed their spirituality, prayer

17 June, 2013 - Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury said his private conversation with Pope Francis on Friday was "very personal," with the new leaders of the Catholic Church and of the Anglican Communion discussing how their positions have influenced their prayer lives. The new spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion met Pope Francis for the first time; they both were installed in March. In addition to delivering speeches and praying together, the two spent more than 30 minutes speaking privately and later had lunch together in the Pope's residence. Speaking to reporters later, Archbishop Welby said he was returning to England with an impression of Pope Francis as a man with "an extraordinary humanity on fire with the spirit of Christ.” “We discussed a whole range of issues," the archbishop told reporters during a briefing at Rome's Venerable English College, a Catholic seminary. "But most of the conversation one-to-one was really about spirituality and prayer and how we conduct ourselves before God" Archbishop Welby added. (Source: CNS)


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