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Let Central African Republic not become the next Somalia, Churches and NGOs urge international community

Summary executions, sexual violence, targeted attacks on the basis of religious or ethnic belonging, arrests of opposition supporters and their families, torture, disappearances, recruitment of child soldiers, looting. These are the crimes committed in the Central African Republic as reported in an appeal signed by a number of civil society groups, including Secours Catholique and Caritas France.
According to FIDES, since the Seleka coalition ousted former President François Bozizé, "the population, that are the main victim of the political-military game, has been suffering for months. Now some United Nations agencies, NGOs and Churches are trying to cope with the suffering of the population that has nothing in terms of medical care and food, and schools are closed all over the Country. Bangassou in the east of the Country, receives supplies only through humanitarian flights. There is no water, no fuel, nor electricity. FIDES reports that the organisations working in Central African Republic say that the instability in which the country of 4.5 million inhabitants has sunk is so deep that it may soon become the Somalia of central Africa. It is feared that the chaos could attract terrorists from Nigeria and Mali, or the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), to find refuge in the vast Country of 650,000 km2. "
The signatories of the appeal ask "France and the European and African countries to reconsider their position. It is urgent to bring humanitarian aid to a population in danger and at the same time promote the restoration of the democratic process. It is also necessary that the new Central African authorities take measures to restore security and the functioning of the administration and basic social services.


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