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Pope Francis tells G8 leaders, come up with policy with the poorest at the centre, and help bring an end to fighting in Syria

Pope Francis has called on leaders of the world’s wealthiest nations to make economic policy serve the common good. He has also appealed to the leaders of the international community to work for an end to the civil strife in Syria. The Holy Father’s plea was contained in a letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron which was made public on Sunday. It was sent in response to the message he had received on June 5th regarding the British presidency of the G8 and the upcoming meeting scheduled to take place at Lough Erne, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland between 17 and 18 June. The theme is “A G8 Meeting that Goes Back to First Principles”. In the letter, the Holy Father emphasised that, for the theme “to attain its broadest and deepest resonance, it is necessary to ensure that all political and economic activity, whether national or international,” makes reference to humanity. “Indeed, such activity must, on the one hand, enable the maximum expression of freedom and creativity, both individual and collective, while on the other hand it must promote and guarantee their responsible exercise in solidarity, with particular attention to the poorest.”
Francis praised the priorities that the British Presidency has set out for the summit, noting that the fundamental reference to humanity is not lacking, “specifically in the proposal for concerted action by the Group to eliminate definitively the scourge of hunger and to ensure food security.
Observers expect the gathering to be dominated by the Syrian conflict and the ongoing global financial woes. Michael Kelly reports. RealAudioMP3


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