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Call to Zimbabean Politicians to reach a consensus on the date for the general elections

The Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference, Fr. Frederick Chiromba, has called upon the country’s politicians to sit down and agree on the delay of the date of the general elections. President Robert Mugabe had set 31st July this year, but the other political parties disagreed and asked the intervention of the Southern African Development Community, SADC, which on Monday agreed with them and asked the government in Harare to postpone the vote to a later date to allow the implementation of key electoral reforms. Fr. Chiromba said tension is rising among politicians and there are fears that it may lead to an explosion of violence. He recalled the pre and post-election violence of 2008 in which many people were killed. To avoid a repeat of that violence, the Catholic Church has organized meetings, debates and seminars in all provinces and cities to sensitise people about the value of peaceful elections and how they, especially youth, can avoid being manipulated by politicians. In a related development, over 200 Christian religious leaders, including priests and Bishops, have been trained as observors in the upcoming elections. The program was sponsored by the Southern Africa Crisis Management Agency and an ecumenical group known as the Christian Action Trust Zimbabwe. The aim is to train 5,000 observors.


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