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Thousands of Brazilians go to the streets to protest against the rising cost of living and poor service delivery

Thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations in eleven Brazilian biggest cities over rising public transport costs, the expense of staging the 2014 World Football Cup, corruption and poor service delivery in the country. The protests started earlier this month in the city of Sao Paulo where residents marched against an increase in the price of a single bus fare, from one US dollar and 40 cents to 3 dollars and 20 cents. Police, however, reacted unproportionately firing rubber bullets and using teargas against the demonstrators. This attracted many more people to the streets and led to the spread of the protests to other cities. It also shifted the focus of the protestors from rising transport costs to wider issues such as low salaries, poor educational and health system and corruption in the ruling class. Currently, Brazil is hosting the Confederations Cup, the warm-up tournament for the World Cup, in the city of Belo Horizonte. On Tuesday protestors blocked the city and clashed with the police, threatening to disrupt the tournament. The biggest demonstration, however, took place on Tuesday in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The Catholic archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro is scheduled to host the World Youth Day next month. There is growing concern that if the demonstrations continue, the event could be affected. Brazil is also scheduled to host the World Football Cup next year and the Olympic games in 2016.


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