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St. Joseph is now included in the Eucharistic Prayers

The name of St. Joseph, the husband of the blessed virgin Mary, has been included in the Eucharistic prayers II, III, and IV of the holy mass. The addition follows a decree issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, dated 1st May, and signed by the prefect of that dicastery, Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera.
The decree reeds that after the Blessed Virgin Mary, the name of her husband St. Joseph also be read in the Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV. In justifying the reasons for adding St. Joseph in the Eucharistic prayers, the decree invokes the continuous devotion to Saint Joseph of the faithful in the catholic church, adding that they have solemnly and constantly honoured his memory as the most chaste spouse of the Mother of God and as the heavenly Patron of the universal Church.
The consideration to honour St. Joseph in this way started with Blessed Pope John 23rd , Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th approved its implementation and Pope Francis has likewise recently confirmed them. Fr. Moses Hamungole works at Vatican Radio in the English service for Africa. He told why it is important to give this consideration to St. Joseph. RealAudioMP3


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