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Brazil protests escalate

More massive protests are happening throughout Brazil today, as people show their concern about an array of social issues.

Listen to regional correspondent James Blears' report... RealAudioMP3

Some officials say the rise in bus fares throughout Brazilian Cities prompted this groundswell of nationwide disquiet and unrest . But the faultlines were already there, before this issue acted as a catalyst.
Bus fares have now been rescinded. The Mayor of Sao Paulo Ferenando Haddad is grumbling this is a sacrifice and the cuts WILL be found from elsewhere. A comment echoed by other civic leaders, but not calculated to pour oil on VERY troubled waters.
The situation remains volitile in the cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janiero. Protesters are preparing rallies and are demonstrating against corruption, vast spending on the forthcoming Soccer World Cup, followed by the Olympics and crumbling infrastructure.
The Confederation Cup Soccer match in the Eastern City of Forteleza was affected if not disrupted with incidents on the road to the stadium, prior to the match. More Confederation Cup matches are now due to be played.

The political genie has escaped the bottle, and regaining the status quo is now impossible.


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