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War looms over Mozambique

Government officials in Mozambique said on Friday Police had arrested Jeronimo Malagueta, the spokesman of the former Renamo rebel movement. The arrest took place in the province of Sofala. Shortly after the arrest Renamo soldiers opened gunfire at vehicles seriously wounding some people. Tension has been building between the Frelimo Government and the former Renamo guerillas who after 16 years of war against government signed a peace agreement in 1992 and became a political party. However, Renamo soldiers remained loyal to their commanders and many of them retained their guns and bases. Mr. Malagueta’s arrest is related to the remarks he made on Wednesday this week. He said Renamo was planning to carry out attacks against government forces because it was under threat. After Renamo was transformed into a political party, Mr Alfonso Dhlakama, its leader, has been its sole presidential candidate. He lost to Frelimo in all the elections held since 1992. Of late he has had disagreements with government over his personal security, and at one time he threatened to go back to war. Late last year he abandoned parliament and returned to the Renamo base in the Ngorongoro mountains. On Monday this week, six government soldiers were killed when gunmen attacked an armory in the central region of Dondo. Security sources in the country said a large number of weapons were stolen. The government of Mozambique blamed Renamo for the attack, but Renamo denied the accusation.


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