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Catholic Bishops of Brazil call for dialogue between Protestors and the Government

The catholic bishops of Brazil issued a statement on Friday in reaction to the protests by the general population against the rising cost of living, corruption and poor service delivery in the country. They declared solidarity and support for peaceful demonstrations saying they are a phenomenon that awakens a new consciousness among the Brazilians about the necessity and goal of building a fair and fraternal society. They noted that the demonstrations have been spontaneous, especially among young people, and supported by the social network. The people, the bishops added, are reacting to the unresolved problems, such as corruption, impunity and lack of transparency. They reiterated the church’s opposition to violence either by the protestors or by the law enforcing agencies such as the police. They invited the government to dialogue with the protestors and appealed to both parties to respect order, the common good and private and public property. They concluded their statement with the affirmation that the cry of the people must be heard. The protests were triggered by the increase in transport fares early this month in the city of Sao Paulo. Police reacted disproportionately, firing rubber bullets and using teargas against the demonstrators. This attracted many more people to the streets and led to the spread of the protests to other cities. The Catholic Archdiocese of Rio De Janeiro is scheduled to host the World Youth Day 2013 next month from 23rd to 28th. There are concerns that if the protests continue, they may affect the event. Meanwhile, the president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff has addressed the nation, called for calm and also made promises. James Blears reports. RealAudioMP3


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