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Church invites a vote for a referendum against abortion

Uruguay, 22 June 2013: The Catholic Church in Uruguay called on the population to participate in the vote on Sunday, June 23 to decide whether or not to hold a referendum against the "unjust" law that decriminalizes abortion.

The Uruguayan Bishops invite the population to participate in "this civic act" which they define as "an effort of men and women of good will" to ensure that the Uruguayan law respects the right of human life starting from conception. The Bishops have insisted that human rights and, in particular, the "right to life" cannot be subject to circumstantial majorities of a group or legislative elections, while acknowledging that citizens have in their hands the choice of the means they deem necessary to change the legislation.

A note sent to Fides News Agency reports that on Sunday, 2.6 million Uruguayans, registered to vote, will be called to attend a voluntary "act of adhesion", in which one can vote on whether or not to hold a referendum to repeal the abortion law which came into force at the end of last year.

On May 3 in a pastoral letter the Bishops proposed a referendum to abolish the law of abortion, a proposal that was accepted by several politicians of the Country.
Source: Fides


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