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Liberia grants citizenship to 300 Sierra Leoneans

Reports from Liberia say the government granted citizenship to 300 Sierra Leonean refugees who have been living in the Country since the days of the civil war that ended in 2002. The ceremony took place on Thursday June 20th, the World Refugee Day. The Liberian decision has been praised by Catholic missionaries working the country who called it a fraternal gesture between Liberia and Sierra Leone. The two countries were affected by civil wars that displaced people across each other’s borders. Besides in 1973 Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea Conakry signed an agreement which created a community among them, allowing economic and cultural exchange between the three countries. The granting of Liberian citizenship to Sierra Leoneans, therefore, needs to be interpreted as the sign of the development of a process that dates back to the 1970 and which, if promoted, might strengthen relations between the two countries and also lead to social, political and economic development.


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