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South Sudan announces projects on the Nile River but assures Egypt and Sudan that they will not affect their share of the water

The South Sudan Minister for Water and Irrigation, Paul Mayom Akec, has announced plans to use the water of the river Nile to generate hydro-electricity and for agricultural irrigation projects. Speaking from Juba on Monday he said the country was using generators for electric energy but that these emit polluted gases into the air which are dangerous to human and animal health. Regarding agriculture he said the country’s population is growing and is creating demand for more food. The only way to meet the demand is by reverting to irrigation because it is a more reliable way of producing food. He, however, assured Sudan and Egypt that the proposed projects will not affect their share of the Nile waters. Sudan and Egypt, basing themselves on a colonial law of 1929, are opposed to any projects along the White and blue Nile and other water bodies connected to these rivers on grounds that they may affect the volume of water reaching the two countries.


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