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Pope's general audience of June 26

26 June, 2013 Pope Francis held his general audience on Wednesday, focusing this week on the Church as the temple of the Holy Spirit. The weekly public meeting provides an opportunity to pilgrims and tourists visiting Rome to be able see and hear the Pope, and also receive his blessing. The general audience of June 26th was held in the open, in Rome’s St. Peter’s Square. It began with aides reading a passage from the First Letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians in several languages.
Listen to Scripture passage: RealAudioMP3

Basing himself on the Scripture passage, Pope Francis delivered his main discourse in Italian - summaries of which were then read out by aides in various languages, including in English. But before that, the aides greeted the Pope on behalf of the various language groups.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters: In our continuing catechesis on the Creed, today we consider the Church as God’s temple. The great temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, a place of prayer and encounter with the Lord, was a pre-figurement of the Church. Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son who dwelt among us, is himself the definitive and living temple where we encounter God’s presence in our midst. Christ makes us, the members of his mystical body, “living stones” for the construction of a “holy temple in the Lord” (Eph 2:21), in which we exercise our baptismal priesthood by offering spiritual sacrifices. The Holy Spirit, in the variety of his gifts, unites us and enables us to contribute to the building up of the Church in holiness. In this great work, each of us has a part to play; each of us, as a “living stone”, is needed for the growth and the beauty of God’s holy temple. Let us ask the Lord to help us to take an ever more active part in the Church’s life and mission, guided by the Holy Spirit and with Jesus as our cornerstone.

Pope Francis greeted the various language groups mostly in Italian.
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…. I offer an affectionate greeting to all the English-speaking pilgrims and visitors present at today’s Audience, including those from England, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Indonesia, Canada and the United States. May your stay in the Eternal City confirm you in love for our Lord and his Church. God bless you all! (Pope’s blessing)


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