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Al-Shabaab Commander captured in Somalia

Authorities of the semi-autonomous Himin and Heeb administration in Somalia said on Wednesday that they had captured a senior Al-Shabaab commander known as Hassan Dahir Aweys. Awey is the former leader of the extremist group Hisbul Islam, which fought against the Somali government and merged with al-Shabab in 2010. Of late relations between his Al-Shabaab wing and the wing led by Ahmed Abdi Godane had been strained because of the differences on what should be the objectives of the movement. While Aweys believed that Al-Shabaab should fight and establish an Islamic state within Somalia, Godane believes it also has the duty to establish an Islamic state in the neighboring countries and beyond. The spokesman of the Himin and Heeb administration said Aweys handed himself in after he was surrounded by the Administration’s fighters. Discussions with the Federal government in Mogadishu are underway to hand him over. Mr. Aweys, 70 years old, is on the list of terrorists wanted by the United States. Al-Shabab has lost territory and influence in Somalia in the last two years, and has been pushed out of its major strongholds in the capital and the port city of Kismayo by the African Union peacekeeping force. However, the group remains the most serious security threat to the country.


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