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Catholic Church under attack in Bangladesh

Reports from Bangladesh say that the Catholic Church in the country is under attacks from Moslem militant groups. A priest from the diocese of Dinajpur in the north-west told reporters that Moslem groups have been attacking church premises and places of worship. Recently, the Bishop reported the matter to the police and today a missionary center in the village of Bulakipur is being guarded by 30 policemen. At the beginning of this month, the Catholic seminary of Dinajpur was raided by Muslim radicals who forced their way into the building, destroying it and attacking the seminarians. The diocese again reported the matter to the police and the seminarians were temporarily transferred to another location. Our source in Bangladesh said the first victims of religious intolerance were Buddhists and Hindus. The causes of the attacks are political and economic. The Islamic militant groups are attacking people of other religions with the intention of confiscating their property such as land and houses. Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country with Islam as the state religion. The country has a population of 142 million people. Catholics are just 320,000.


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