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Christian groups join protests in Egypt

Egypt's military on Monday issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the Islamist president and his opponents to reach an agreement to ``meet the people's demands'' or it will intervene to put forward a political road map for the country and ensure it is carried out.
The ultimatum, it said, was a ``last chance.'' The army described the mass protests on Sunday that brought out millions of Egyptians demanding President Mohammed Morsi's ouster as ``glorious.'' It added that protesters expressed their opinion ``in peaceful and civilized manner,'' and that ``it is necessary that the people get a reply to their calls.''It is the second ultimatum to be given to Morsi and the opposition to reach an agreement.
Last Sunday, Defense Minister Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi gave the two sides a week to reach an agreement. That ultimatum expired on Sunday, with Morsi repeating his longstanding offer for dialogue that the opposition rejected. The organizers of Sunday's protests also gave Morsi a Tuesday 5 p.m. deadline to step down or face an escalation of the campaign to force him out, including civil disobedience.
Many Christians have joined the protests saying that discrimination and violence against minority religious groups have increased since Mursi took office. The spokesperson for the Greek Melchite Catholic Church is Fr. Rafiq Griech. He told Vatican radio the people want change. RealAudioMP3


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